This is my maths page,

I’ll be putting what I have learnt in maths on this page.


This is what I learnt for maths



This is what I learnt for maths



 I learnt how to add and multiply fractions.



I learnt how to do contracted multiplication.


 I learnt how to do mass word problems.


 I learnt how to do long multiplacation and division.


I learnt how to factorise expressions.



This week I have learnt how to write rules for N.C.M


I learnt how to do 3 x _ = 21

You move the 3x to the other side of the sum. When you do that YOU HAVE to change the x to a ÷ sign.

So the question is now _=21 ÷ 3

Your answer is 7.


I have learnt  how to divide fractions.


I learnt that 14×14=176


10×4=    40

10×4=    40

4×4=      16

Then you add them together then thats your answer.


I have learnt that the fraction sign (/) can also be the division sign.


 I have learnt how to divide numbers with a answer thats a fraction for exsample:

23 divided by 3 = 7 and 2 thirds (sorry I can’t write the fraction)


 I learnt how to tell digital time from analog time for exsample 9:00 p.m would be 21:00.

You do this by going 12 + 9 = 21 and add the :00’s on then you end up with 21:00.


I learnt that 7 theoretically appears most when you roll two dice.


I have learnt how to figure out problems with negitaves for exsample  20 – 4×4= -4 not 4. 


I learnt how to read a stem and leaf graph. 


I learnt six angles:

Acute angle-50 degrees

Right angle-90 degrees

Obtuse angle-130 degrees

Reflex angle-210 degrees

Straight angle-180 degrees

Revelution angle-360 degrees


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5 Responses to “Maths”

  1. ellenreid

    You got the same angles as me!!! But nice negative learning.

  2. fenderdude

    It is good that you understand and have learnt your angles in class. Good remembering about the degrees too.

  3. emmakim

    Nice math I like how the dates are all light pink and the words grey because they match.

  4. mrsmusther

    I am very impressed with your explanation on how to do 3 x _ = 21. It’s clear you really understand what you need to do.

  5. sophiejones

    You have done lots of maths and that is good
    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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