This is my Inquiry page,

This term my inquiry topic is ANIMALS


Q1: What is  the largest sea creature in the world?

A1: The blue whale. 


 Q2: What is the smallest animal living in the sea?

A2: Zooplankton are the smallest animals in the sea.

Q3: What country has the largest population of animals?

A3: South Africa, with lots of hippos.

Q4: Which animal in the world lives for the longest?

A4: The Galapogos tortoise can live up to 200 yrs old.

Q5: What are the diffrent types of penguins and how many are there?

A5: Here are some types of penguins.

Q6: How many differnt types of  horses are there and what are they?

A6:Here are some types of horses.

Q7: How many animals are in the Auckland zoo and what are they?

 A7:CLICK HERE for my answer.

 Q8: Where was the first cat born?

A8: Acient Egypt.

Q9: What is the slowest animal on earth?

A9: The 3 toed Sloth

Q10: What is the tallest animal on earth?

A10: Giraffe’s can grow up to 19 feet tall, making this creature the World’s tallest animal

They will be based on water/h2go/floating or sinking.

My Questions are on the America’s Cup. 


Who won the first America’s Cup?


Of course America won the first America’s cup, other wise it would have been called something else depending on which team won.


What is a yacht?


 A boat or small ship, usually with sails and often with an engine, built for racing or cruising.

 Q3: What is americas cup all about?A3:  Americas cup is a Yacht race where different country’s verse each other. Set 2 Q4:How many people dided on the titanic?A4:  1,517 died on the Titanic. Q5:How did the people die?A5: Most people died because the water froze them and also some drowned.Q6:

Did anyone die on the lifeboats?


Yes, Thirty – four people died on the life boats.This is a picture of a blooms document blooms.gif


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3 Responses to “Inquiry”

  1. katejackson

    It is good that you have the BLOOM’S taxonomy on your page.
    It is also good that you have answered all of your Inquiry questions.

  2. danielyao


  3. emmakim

    It’s good you’ve got BLOOM’S taxonmy on your page.

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