G and T

On every Monday some children from the year 5’s go to the commuinty room for the whole day to do G’N’T (gifted and talented).


 We have now passed Acient Egypt and are moving on to our school’s Sci/Tech exhibition.

For this we are preventing an egg from cracking when we drop it from a distance of 2-3 meters.

My partener for this is Eleanor.

_____________________________________________________________  We are studing Acient Egypt, for my project i’ll be working with Sophie H, we are doing pyrimads.

Here is some of our work:

Question 1

Where in Egypt was the first pyrimad built, where in Egypt is it and who was it built for?

 The first pyrimad in Egypt was the Step Pyrimad Saqqara, built for King Zozer.

Saqqara or Sakkara is a vast acient buriel ground in Egypt, featuring the worlds oldest step pyrimad.

It’s located 30km south of Cairo and covers an area of 7km by 1.5km.

Question 2

What were the pyrimads made out of and why?

It was made out of lime stone bound with desert clay and sand coverd over it. 

They did because they wanted it to stand for thousands of years.

Question 3

What was the most famous pyrimad and why?

The Great pyrimad of Giza is the largest and the most famous pyrimad of the three pyrimads inGiza Neropolis. It’s the only remanding pyrimad of the seven wornders of the world.

It’s believed to have been built as a tomb for King Khufu over a twenty year period.

Here are some pics of our questions egypt-pics.doc


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3 Responses to “G and T”

  1. Imogene's Dad

    That was very interesting and informative.

  2. katejackson

    great information on this page.
    It looks like you learnt alot about Egypt in g’n’t!

  3. tamarsimpson

    Wow!I learnt alot about Egypt.Good work Imi.

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