BLOOMing Reading Log

This is my BLOOMing reading log.

I will be putting up what i’m reading. 

I have now fininshed reading H.P and i’m now reading Read My lips.


Describe what the characters look like?

Cat – Has dirty red hair which hangs down to her waist.

Blue eyes and quite tall (she is a yr8) .

She wears overalls and also has quite nice clothings for special occasions.

Bee – Has long, clean, toffe coloured hair, with shining brown eyes.

Bee always wears nice clothes. She is always looking her best.

She also has a boyfriend called Jack who plays football.

For my blooms reading log the book that i’m doing is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


If you could carry on the story what would you do?

I would say what house Albus ends up in and talk about those school years.

I’d also do lilly’s school years.

I’m reading Wayside School is falling down.


What did the title  have to do with the book? 

Scince the title is WaySide School it takes place in WaySide School.

 Where did the story take place?

The story took place at Wayside School on the 30th story and the playground.


I have now finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Right now i’m reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

This is the blurb:

Harry is waiting in Private Drive. The Order of the Phoenix         is coming to escort him safely away without Voldormort and   his supporters knowing – if they can. But what will Harry do then ? How can he fulfil the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Dumbledor has left him?

I am up to chapter 24, The Wand Maker.

It is about Dobby the house elves funeral ( The house elf in the 2nd movie).

After the funeral Harry urgently need to speak to Olivander, the wand maker and Griphook the other wandmaker.

What has happened before?

Harry’s wand is broken (got a new when Ron walked away from Hrry and Hermione, Ron came back) 

Tonks and Lupin got married. Tonks is also pregnant.

Tonks dad has gone missing.

Mad Eye Moody died.

Ron, Hermione and Harry got something each from Dumbledor’s will:

Ron = The Deluminator, used in first movie by Dumbledor. 

Hermione =   The Tales of Beedle and Bard.

Harry = The Golden Snitch and The Griffindor Sword.

They arrived at Ron’s brother Bill and Fleur a contestent in the Goblet Of Fire’s house.

Their is also alot more, but it’s alot to rember.


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2 Responses to “BLOOMing Reading Log”

  1. emmakim

    I like all your BLOOMS reading.

  2. sophiejones

    You have lots of blooming reading actives and all of them are up to date.

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